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The Israel Becker Basketball Invitational




Sunday, January 20th, 2019 - Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Dear Players, Coaches, Staff, TanenbaumCHAT welcomes everyone to the 2019 edition of the Israel Becker TanenbaumCHAT invitational tournament. The Tournament is our commitment to the Jewish Community in North America, and is a tribute to the memory of Israel Becker ‘88. Israel was a CHAT graduate who played CHAT Varsity basketball and inspired many years of CHAT Alumni and Basketball tournaments. With teams from the United States, Canada and Israel, we hope to foster connections among Jews worldwide.

Many thanks to the TanenbaumCHAT community including: students, faculty, administration, alumni, parents, host families, tournament committees and many donors. 



1. Abraham Joshua Heschel, New York
2. Bialik, Montreal
3. TanenbaumCHAT Varsity, Toronto
4. TanenbaumCHAT JV, Toronto


1. Hapoel Tom, Eilat, Israel 
2. Abraham Joshua Heschel, New York
3. Bnei Akiva, Or Chaim, Toronto
4. Bialik, Montreal
5. TanenbaumCHAT, Toronto

Format & Rules

• Each team must bring home and away uniforms
• It is the responsibility of each Coach to bring copies of athletics' medical release forms in case of emergency and to have said information with him/her at all times
• All boys and men should bring a kippah, tefillin, and a tallit (if they wear one)
• Games are 4 x 8 min quarters (possibly may require 4 x 7 min quarters)
• Federation Rules
• 2 Referees
• 10 seconds to cross centre - court
• 24 second shot clock, reset to 14 seconds 
• 5 time outs total, overtime adds additional time out
• 5 fouls, Penalty/bonus, 7th team foul shoots 1 and 1

Both girls and boys teams will play a round robin where each team plays one another. Teams are then ranked for playoffs. Ranking is according to the following:
• Head to head
• Points against
• Points for
• Fouls 

All girls teams will play 5 games
All boys teams will play minimum 5 games, the teams in the finals will play 6 

Medals: Gold, Silver, Bronze
MVP: Each team for: skill, leadership & sportsmanship - as voted by team coaches


Many thanks to the generous donors who contributed significantly to support this tournament. 
Most donors have chosen to remain anonymous.Donors we wish to thank publicly are:
The Venn-Mitchell Family, Jeffrey and Avi Raphael. These genereous donours are all TanenbaumCHAT alumni, former varsity players, athletes of the year and proud supporters of basketball, athletics and our school. 

Varsity Boys Basketball

Varsity Girls Basketball

Contact for more information.