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Affordability, Tuition & Fees

TanenbaumCHAT and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto are excited to announce a total of $15 million in gifts – from two exceptionally generous donors – that will help ensure the affordability of TanenbaumCHAT and enhance the future of Jewish education in the GTA for the next generation.

The donations, comprised of a $10 million Jesin-Neuberger Foundation gift; and a $5 million gift from an anonymous family (of which $1 million has been earmarked to strengthen Jewish education in York Region); together with additional fundraising, will result in a dramatic reduction in tuition from nearly $28,000 to $18,500 beginning in the 2017-18 school year and will maintain tuition under $19,000 for each of the next four years. This tuition reduction plan is an audacious step forward in realizing UJA’s strategic plan for Jewish day school affordability, and is a joint initiative of TanenbaumCHAT and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.

Tuition & Other Fees:

  • Tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $18,750.
  • Please do not allow financial circumstances to prevent you from applying to our school. 
  • A portion of the tuition fee may be eligible for a Canadian charitable tax receipt..

Tuition Assistance:

  • We are a community school and we welcome families from a wide spectrum of economic backgrounds. The Tuition Assistance program, substantially supported by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, is completely confidential. The program is administered within the UJA Federation guidelines.
  • When determining fair subsidies, we take into account a family’s total financial profile and, where applicable, tuition assistance history from other Jewish day schools. If a family needs tuition assistance at more than one school, a shared “Family Tuition Fee” is determined. Every parent automatically receives Tuition Assistance Forms once their child is accepted and an Offer of Acceptance is returned.
  • For further information regarding tuition assistance, please contact Angela Buslovich at 416-636-5984 ext. 234.

Other Costs:

  • Families may be eligible for assistance for many costs in addition to tuition. No student should be prevented from participating in any school activity for financial reasons.
  • Mandatory charges for materials and activities that are part of the curriculum may add up to $500 (in Grade 9). Textbooks – new or used – typically cost $300-$700 annually. Other charges depend on course and extracurricular choices.
  • TanenbaumCHAT offers a school bus option. For families living North of Finch Avenue, contact Zoe Shuman for details at 416-636-5984 ext. 225. For families living South of Sheppard Avenue, contact Riva Zagov at 416-636-5984 ext. 288.

Withdrawal Penalties

Students registered at TanenbaumCHAT who decide to withdraw their application for any reason are subject to the following non-refundable charges, effective according to the date that notice of withdrawal in writing is received by the school. Please note that late fees, if incurred, are non-refundable charges.

Date of Withdrawal Non-Refundable Charges
After submission of application and prior to Offer of Acceptance Application fee of $250
After the expiry of the Offer of Acceptance letter Application fee of $250 and Tuition deposit of $750
Once TanenbaumCHAT is in receipt of the signed Offer of Acceptance letter up until July 14th. Application fee of $250 and Tuition deposit of $750 and Confirmation deposit of $1000
From July 15th to September 30th Application fee of $250 and Tuition deposit of $750 and Confirmation deposit of $1000. Plus September and October fees in full and course and materials fee
After September 30th Application fee of $250 and Tuition deposit of $750 and Confirmation deposit of $1000 and the entire year’s tuition fee and course and materials fee. Plus September and October fees in full and course and materials fee and prorated portion of full year's tuition (10% per month or part thereof in attendance)