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TanenbaumCHAT continues to see enrolment momentum

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Applications for Grade 9 entry increase for the third consecutive year.

At TanenbaumCHAT, the deadline for applications has passed – and the news is inspiring and heartening! 

The school received more than 350 applications for entry to Grade 9 in September 2020, which will be the fourth academic year of the tuition plan currently in place.  As announced in 2017, a combined gift of $14 million from the Jesin-Neuberger Foundation and the Granovsky family, facilitated by UJA Federation, along with implementation of operating efficiencies and robust fundraising on the part of the school, resulted in a commitment to hold tuition below $19,000 for five years.

This year, 80 students from 39 different schools applied to TanenbaumCHAT’s New Stream program, and 85% of students currently in TanenbaumCHAT’s main Jewish elementary feeder schools submitted applications – up from 75% last year and just 57% prior to 2017. Before the announcement of the gifts, it seemed all but inevitable that enrolment would decline for the foreseeable future. However, those prospects have been reversed.

TanenbaumCHAT – the largest Jewish community high school in North America – has always been recognized for its comprehensive, premiere Jewish experience, its academic excellence, wide-ranging extracurricular offerings, and vibrant and welcoming community.  The school currently offers 139 courses, 70 clubs, 26 competitive sports teams, and numerous shows and artistic productions. 

The school remains extraordinarily grateful to the donors for their enormous generosity and for their inspiring vision. Their actions demonstrate a keen awareness of the fact that it is the responsibility of our entire community to ensure that TanenbaumCHAT is accessible to as many Jewish teenagers as possible. TanenbaumCHAT anchors teenagers in Jewish values and Jewish peoplehood, and secures our collective future by creating curious, committed and moral Jewish leaders. 

It is only with continued support from our community that the school is able to offer the current tuition reduction and to contemplate any level of reduction beyond the five years of the gifts. The school is extremely appreciative of the many community members who have already made contributions in support of this important endeavour.

“We are thrilled that more and more Jewish teenagers are finding themselves at TanenbaumCHAT,” says Head of School, Dr. Jonathan Levy. He emphasizes that the school is working on several fronts to ensure that enhanced accessibility is sustained after the expiration of the inaugural gifts in 2022. Continued growth in enrolment reaffirms the importance of tuition relief. Looking beyond the current five-year tuition plan, TanenbaumCHAT is committed to providing ongoing tuition relief for middle-income families by introducing the TanenbaumCHAT Tuition Accessibility Program which will come into effect in the 2022/23 school year.

“We are inspired by the trust shown to us by the community,” says Dr. Levy, “and we are determined to continue the work we’ve done for nearly 60 years, educating and nurturing the Jewish leaders and community members of tomorrow.”