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Hello everyone! I'm here to tell you about Cutco! I started selling Cutco back in 2006 with my 15 year anniversary coming up. Sooo, I looove my job. Follow me on instagram Torontoknifegirl ? For the best deal - pm me ? CUTCO KNIVES Made in 1949 in Olean, NY Stay sharp 7-10 years without sharpening or longer (patented double d edge) Free sharpening Forever Guaranteed Forever (no receipt needed) Dishwasher safe I've heard it all. "My knives always need sharpening" "I buy knives every few months" "I'm sick of buying knives, even the German or Japanese kind don't stay sharp". I'm here to HELP and EDUCATE If you already have CUTCO and are looking for service, let me know.

Contact me personally for 20% off

Instagram: @Torontoknifegirl
Facebook: @AlanaTorontoknifegirl

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