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Opening Day

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

As a child growing up Montreal, I was a tried and true Expos fan. I have early memories of attending games at the Big O with my parents and brothers rooting for the home team. As a young parent, I took my 4 year old son for a day at the Stadium - just by virtue of the fact that this day cost me 8 dollars (I cannot even imagine what that would get me at Rogers Centre today) from parking to souvenir baseball, I knew baseball's days in Montreal were numbered.

When we moved to Toronto, baseball had already left Quebec. Summer was here and my boys happily became Blue Jays fans. We got hats and t-shirts, attended games and followed the stats.

Somehow, in the years after the Expos became the Nationals, the Blue Jays went from being a local baseball team to a source of national pride; Canada’s team. With the maple leaf prominently displayed and player visits across the country they are appealing to the fans from coast to coast. This summer, my youngest son and I attended the Russell Martin Canada 150 game. The pregame ceremony paid tribute to fans from all over Canada, with representatives from every province, further cementing the notion that the Blue Jays are Canada’s team.

This year, as we embark on our first year as a unified TanenbaumCHAT, one school on one campus, we look forward to demonstrating to the community-at-large that we continue to be Ontario's premier Jewish High School. With students from Stouffville to Hamilton, Newmarket to College Street, our students represent the best of every small community in the GTA. The breadth of educational and extra-curricular opportunities we offer help develop and enhance the skills they already possess and help them develop into Canada’s next great leaders. We will continue to prepare students to live lives of high moral character, intellectual curiosity, Jewish commitment and civic duty.

And for those of you wondering if I had transferred my allegiance to any other Toronto sports teams, well… toujours bleu blanc rouge.