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Mai Strange Addiction

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In 2015, TanenbaumCHAT introduced Edsby as the new Learning Management System (LMS).  Edsby is TanenbaumCHAT’s primary platform benefiting students, parents, teachers and administrators. Edsby has become our “go to” system, providing access to course specific information, grades, report cards, as well as academic/group/team calendars. School news is updated in real time on Edsby.  Edsby truly enhances school – home communications.

Another important feature offered by Edsby is the convenient free app that provides information to all its users on the go.

Throughout the year, students access Edsby to check on their marks, calendars, announcements and schedules. Each profile includes their school picture which is extremely beneficial. Edsby is a great source to provide information to students on their extra curricular activities as well as their educational journey.

Many students want to get involved by starting a club or committee. Edsby helps make this easy by allowing students and teachers to make groups and post all their ideas and announcements. This allows all involved to connect with multiple people at once and ultimately creates a more memorable experience. Private messages are an essential feature as well, allowing individuals to connect and even providing a read receipt to the sender.

Once I heard that TanenbaumCHAT was launching CHAT TV, a YouTube channel that posts students’ videos, I knew I had to make one. I wanted to make it relatable to both students and teachers. I thought to myself, “What is something that anyone at TanenbaumCHAT can relate to?” And “What show is everyone familiar with?” After about 5 seconds of brainstorming, I opened Edsby, and that’s when it hit me. I can be (and probably am) addicted to Edsby. Everyone can agree that they check Edsby more than they check Facebook or Instagram, so I’ll just satire that idea, creating “Mai Strange Addiction” to Edsby.

Watch Mai Ben Aharon Strange Addiction