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Jewish Education

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Parents have a desire to provide the very best education for their children. A Jewish education can do just that.

North American Jewry is in a crisis of continuity and its future depends extensively on the ability of the current generation to enhance Jewish identity in the coming generation.

Studies confirm that a Jewish day school education can be the most effective and impactful way to increase Jewish identity. Jewish day school graduates are more connected both to their local communities and to Israel, and in-marry in greater percentages than do their non-Jewish day school peers.

Beyond the invaluable emotional attachment to Judaism and Jewish life, a Jewish education can serve as a framework of practical competencies to operate successfully in day-to-day life and in almost any work environment. Our students face a highly rigorous and intellectually profound education. Studies confirm the efficacy of a Jewish education. At TanenbaumCHAT, six-in-ten of its graduates go on to complete graduate degree studies or higher, with one-in-five either a doctor or a lawyer.

So what is it about a Jewish education that helps to produce such impressive results?

The study of Torah, with its rich and complex texts, is a cognitive exercise which can significantly sharpen critical and analytical thinking skills. The study of Jewish history also teaches highly transferable and marketable communication and analytical skills, and research and essay writing skills. This can enrich a student’s ability to excel in other academic pursuits while also strengthening their Jewish identity.

Numerous studies confirm that students who study a foreign language demonstrate cognitive advantages over students who do not. For the mind, learning a language is more a problem solving activity than a linguistic activity. Students who study a second foreign language out-perform their non-foreign language peers in both music and mathematical skill development.

Developing a balance of analytical, practical and creative abilities for success in life while increasing Jewish identity is exactly why a Jewish education is priceless.

Excerpts taken from Jimmy Bitton’s article in CIJ News | Jimmy Bitton has been teaching at TanenbaumCHAT since 2002.