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Grade 12 Student Andrew Bloomstone: On Inviting Survivor Bill Glied to Speak for Holocaust Education Week

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Holocaust education is a transformative experience.

I feel that it is very important to learn about the Holocaust, especially during Holocaust Education Week. Last week, with the help of my classmate and colleague, Zach Weisleder and a supervisor, Mrs. Fanjoy-Silver, I organized a meaningful opportunity to hear Survivor Bill Glied speak at our school. It was very important for me that a survivor came to speak. The Holocaust is an important part of, not only Jewish history, but the history of humanity and it is crucial for us to learn about it and to learn from it. I fear however, that as time passes, and there are fewer survivors around, the Holocaust will feel more distant and less personal to the Jewish population. Mr. Glied’s speech was incredibly impactful as it was an opportunity for students at TanenbaumCHAT, who are three or four generations removed from the events of the Shoah, to develop a personal connection through Mr. Glied’s experiences.

Holocaust education is very important to us as a Jewish community as well as the global community. By sharing his experiences with us, Mr. Glied taught us that an atrocity can be committed by even the most civilized cultures and that we must help and show compassion to minorities to prevent a terrible thing like the Holocaust from happening again. Through this learning opportunity it has become clearer that it is our duty to earn compassion and show empathy towards other cultures under threat such as acknowledging and remembering the Armenian genocide and helping the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, a Muslim minority which, according to the United States Holocaust Museum, is experiencing genocide today.

I would like to thank Bill Glied for providing this important experience.