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How many classes do grade 9 students take and what are they?

In grade 9, students take a total of 11 subjects throughout the year: 7 in General Studies and 4 in Jewish Studies. Students are required to take English, math, science, French, Canadian geography, and physical education. They also choose from one elective, which is discussed during the interview. The Jewish Studies subjects are Ivrit, Tanach, Rabbinics or Talmud, and Jewish History. Students have each subject three times a week.

What are the different Jewish Studies streams?

There are three Jewish Studies streams: Academic, Intermediate, and New Stream. The Academic and Intermediate streams are designed for students coming from Jewish day schools while New Stream is a program designed for students with little or no Jewish day school background.

What do your graduates do after high school?

We are proud that our graduates go on to lead successful lives after high school. Last year, upon graduation, 86% of our graduates attended college or university in Canada, the U.S. and abroad, 10% were accepted to programs in Israel, and 4% elected to work or travel. 92% of our grads are accepted to their first choice of college or university and over 60% move on to graduate studies.

Is financial assistance available?

We welcome families from a wide spectrum of economic backgrounds. The Tuition Assistance program, substantially supported by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, is completely confidential and is administered within the UJA Federation guidelines. Financial circumstances should not prevent you from applying to the school. Every student accepted to the school automatically receives a financial assistance application once an Offer of Acceptance is returned.

For further information, please contact Angela Buslovich, Manager, Business & Tuition, 416-636-5984 ext. 234.

Is busing available?

Yes, busing is available for an extra fee for students in Toronto and York Region. Information to sign up for busing will accompany Offers of Acceptance in February.

How does the school address the unique learning needs of each student?

We recognize that every child has unique social, emotional and academic needs. We are committed to creating an environment in which all our students have the opportunity to thrive. The Student Services team is coordinated by the Director of Student Services and comprises the Centre for Differentiated Learning (CDL), the Deans’ Office, and the Guidance Department. Together, they offer a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to supporting the whole student. We see parents and guardians as active partners in this endeavour.

Freedman Centre for Differentiated Learning & Nussbaum Jewish Studies Remediation Centre
The CDL provides support to students with exceptional learning and academic needs who
have a current psycho-educational assessment. Through ongoing consultation with parents
and students, the CDL oversees academic accommodations to help ensure that the student’s
unique learning profile is addressed in all academic and extra-curricular settings.

What other student support services are available?

Guidance Department
A team of guidance counsellors advises students on course selection and personal educational planning, career counselling, university and college entrance, and study programs in Israel. Confidential personal counselling is also offered to students who wish to discuss academic, social or personal issues.

The Rotman/Rohringer Deans’ Office 
The Deans’ Office offers students and parents an added layer of support. The Deans oversee matters related to managing behavioural and school expectations, workload, tardiness and absences due to illness and many other important issues in the life of a high school student. The Deans are available to assist in all aspects of school and teenage life.

What extra-curricular opportunities are available?

TanenbaumCHAT enjoys a lively school culture and ruach (spirit), with an extensive roster of extra-curricular activities. More than 70 clubs and committees provide
a full array of options. Students can deepen existing interests or explore new ones, strengthen their skills, make new friends and take on leadership roles. The school fields more than 25 sports teams and competes in the TDCAA league.

There is an active Student Council, and there are many special events throughout the year including school plays and musicals, a talent show, celebrations and competitions.

What students are eligible to attend TanenbaumCHAT?

The school is open to all students of the Jewish Community who meet its entrance requirements.