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Extra Curricular Programs


Extra-curricular participation is an important part of our school’s student culture. Student participation in clubs, committees, or athletic teams, allows them to diversify their interests and build strong relationships with other participants. They strengthen a variety of skills and learn to excel in leadership roles which many students use in their post-secondary and professional careers.

Through our Student Activities Department, we offer a suite of over 50 different clubs, committees, assemblies and school shows for students to choose from and experience the ruach (spirit) that is unique to TanenbaumCHAT.

Students learn to be team players by participating in many sporting, cultural, and general interest extra-curricular activities. The range varies from year to year and according to student interest. Nevertheless, throughout the year, there is a thriving sports and extra-curricular life at the school. In addition to a very active Student Council, there are a range of special events including several school plays and musicals, talent shows, and competitions. TanenbaumCHAT competes in the TDCAA Sports League, competing in tennis, cross-country, basketball, track and field, volleyball, and baseball. Students take responsibility for many extra-curricular Jewish programmes in coordination with the Student Activities department and our Israeli Schlichim. Our students have diverse opportunities to follow their individual interests and to develop their leadership and organizational skills.