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Experiential Learning

You may have heard that "it's cool to be smart at TanenbaumCHAT" and our students would be the first to tell you. That's because their education doesn't just happen in the classroom; often times, it happens through lived experience and reflection. At TanenbaumCHAT, we create opportunities for our students to actively participate in experiential learning situations. This could mean collaborating on a mural with a group of international artists in Toronto, understanding diverse cultures and human rights in Winnipeg, working on sustainable development projects in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, designing and building a competitive robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition, or studying marine biology in Israel. With each adventure, our students gain invaluable skills and insights in real-work contexts. They learn to plan, analyze, think critically and differently. This isn't just a high school education, it's a TanenbaumCHAT experience.