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Iyengar yoga is considered the most practiced form of yoga in the world. It emphasizes tradition over trends – focusing on purity of pose and ongoing learning. Iyengar can be practiced by everyone but is most appreciated by those who value a disciplined and structured approach to yoga. The use of props makes this practice available to the novice as well as can enhance the challenge for the more proficient!

The Yogabodii studio is a boutique environment, where Sam will work with you one-on-one or in small group sessions. Each session is customized for your personal needs, limitations, and healthful goals. Click here to take a brief tour! Tour Our Yoga Studio In Toronto - Personal Yoga Trainer & Classes - Yogabodii

Benefits of a yoga practice include:

  • Muscle and general strength building, with increased flexibility and mobility

  • Become Breath aware and enjoy heart health strengthening

  • Develop a deeper connection to yourself both physically and emotionally

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