Knockout up to 99% of bacteria with our microfiber cloths and water alone. You can have a healthier home with fewer harmful chemicals, less plastic and less worry. Our BacLock micro silver antibacterial agent embedded in the cloth self-cleanses it within 24 hours - drastically reducing mold, fungi, and bacterial odor so the cloth stays fresher longer. Common microfiber it’s often made from fibers up to 1/6th the thickness of human hair. But Norwex Microfiber is split into 1/200th the thickness. Our superfine, extra dense fibers are much more absorbent and far superior at picking up bacteria, dust, dirt and grime. We also carry a personal care line from hands to hair, shower to sunscreen, our clean, natural approach to personal care means you will never trade safety for the performance and Pampering you deserve.


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