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Annual Fund

The TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund is a fundraising priority of the school that we budget for and depend upon. Participation is an expected component of the parent-school partnership. Our annual fund provides the school with the resources required to make a difference in the quality of Jewish life today and in the future.  Tuition fees cover the day-to-day expenses and operations related to the delivery of a TanenbaumCHAT education. The Annual Fund provides that extra margin of excellence. Participation in the Annual Fund – at any level – is vital to the sustainable foundation of the school, and benefits every single student. This is why we ask every member of the TanenbaumCHAT community, every year, to give what they can to the Annual Fund. And everywhere you go on campus, you’ll find evidence of this kind support.




Does My Contribution Matter?

TanenbaumCHAT cannot be successful without you! Our goal is 100% participation. As long as you’re contributing to the best of your family’s ability, your gift is deeply valued and underscores the investment you have made in the education of your child.

Strong parent support demonstrates to the community your confidence in TanenbaumCHAT’s mission. High participation opens doors to financial support from foundations and organizations because it confirms that our parents are vested in the school.

We ask our grad families to make an especially meaningful contribution in celebration of their graduates and to show appreciation for the committed faculty members who inspired, taught, and guided their students.


DONATE to the TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund

Curiosity. Character. Community. Connection. Contribution. 

Your gift today will support our core values and demonstrate your commitment to our Jewish future.

Please give generously. Thank you.