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TanenbaumCHAT is widely acknowledged as an outstanding academic school. Students follow the High School Curriculum of the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The TanenbaumCHAT General Studies curriculum provides a range of courses, offering choices at each level.

To graduate high school, students must:

  • Earn a minimum of eighteen compulsory credits
  • Earn a further twelve elective credits
  • Pass the Grade 10 Literacy Test
  • Complete 40 hours of Community Service (TanenbaumCHAT requires 72 hours)

Historically, our students have easily fulfilled the credit requirements for high school graduation and have an exceptional rate of entrance to universities across the world.

Positive feedback from universities, colleges and from our own graduates indicates that a TanenbaumCHAT education is an outstanding preparation for university and college study – both in knowledge and skills.The bi-cultural content of our program offers an enriched education. Our academic courses provide gifted students with a high level of intellectual challenge.

Every department at TanenbaumCHAT features courses offering enriched learning environments which encourage students to gain confidence, participate fully in class, tackle problems and take risks, and freely express their ideas.


Visual & Performing Arts

Our students are immensely creative and are served by vibrant & active programs – both curricular and non-curricular. Students bring their laptops and tablets to classes equipped with WiFi and Smart Boards where they can explore their talents.

Students can find their own voice in both traditional and new media including film, radio, podcasts and print. Both in and out of class, students have opportunities to explore many different media including digital photography, multi-track studio recording, lighting, directing, stagecraft, and scriptwriting. Students create many types of visual and audio projects, honing many different traditional and social media skills.

Our facilities include:

  • A brand new music studio equipped with the latest recording and acoustic technology to maximize performance, like state-of-the-art Wenger products designed to deliver the highest levels of acoustic excellence and help students reach a new level of commitment and performance
  • A drama studio which has become the epicenter of creativity and artistic learning for future orators, actors and leaders offering students the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and strengthen their self esteem.
  • An art room with its couches, music, open space, brightly painted walls and welcoming “open door” policy encouraging students to relax, think, work, study, create, talk, listen and, most importantly learn through visual arts.

Students can showcase their creative talents through:

  • School plays and talent shows
  • The Yearbook Committee
  • Symphonic, Concert and Jazz Bands and Wind Ensemble
  • Arts Café

Science & Math

Our students have the opportunity to grow and learn beyond the classroom by participating in research projects and many provincial, national and international competitions in math, science, and robotics. Our graduates achieve spectacular distinctions in Mathematics and Sciences at universities across North America.

The newly opened Chai Engineering Academy is a four-year program where scientifically-inclined students learn to think like engineers. The program helps students develop the “habits of mind” required of engineers through theory and hands-on practice. 

Judaic Studies

Judaic Studies is the core of our school values. It is an intellectually exciting pluralistic program, reinforced by a wide range of experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Literature & Humanities

The richness of our curriculum is exemplified in a cosmopolitan and intellectually wide ranging program, providing students with an appreciation of literature and a profound understanding of humanities and how they can contribute to a better society.