Science & Technology

At both campuses, we have sophisticated technical and media hardware and software which are constantly updated. Students bring their laptops and tablets to classes equipped with WiFi and Smartboards. Students can explore their talents through several technology-based courses (which can be found in the course calendar).

Students can find their own voice in both traditional and new media including film, radio, podcasts and print. Both in and out of class, students have opportunities to explore many different media including digital photography, multi-track studio recording, lighting, directing, stagecraft, and scriptwriting. Students create many types of visual and audio projects, honing many different traditional and social media skills.

Our in-house facilities include:

  • Green-screen, soundproof rooms and recording booth
  • Brightlink technology (upgraded Smartboard technology) at Kimel Centre
  • Blu-ray and internet-based products to distribute their work.
  • The use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to stay connected and to promote our message.