Annual Fund

On behalf of every student, we hope you will make TanenbaumCHAT’s Annual Fund one of your first giving priorities

The TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund provides the school with the resources required to make a difference in the quality of Jewish life today and in the future. That’s what it means to be a school of significance.

At TanenbaumCHAT, we set out to spark our students’ intellectual curiosity and build a strong sense of character. We seek to inspire them to embrace our Jewish mission by nurturing the soul and helping students connect to Jewish tradition and the Jewish community globally and in Israel. Ultimately, we want students to become productive citizens and use their talents and skills to make a contribution to others.

Curiousity. Character. Community. Connection. Contribution. 

Your gift today will support our core values and demonstrate your commitment to our Jewish future.

Please give generously. Thank you.


DONATE to the TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund.



Our teachers share a commitment to ongoing professional growth so that they can inspire students’ curiosity and lifelong learning. Over 40% of our staff have a Master’s or Doctorate level degree. More than 10% of our faculty are themselves proud TanenbaumCHAT alumni. Your support of the TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund enables our teachers to continue to hone their pedagogy so that they can provide the highest level 21st century education.








TanenbaumCHAT is not just a school. It’s a family. We expend enormous resources to ensure that students feel a sense of belonging. Students come from different religious backgrounds, with different academic and social skills, and with different concerns and hopes. With the help of our Guidance Department and Deans’, we create a caring community. Your support ensures we have the resources to care for the social and emotional needs of our students with the same level of attention as their academic needs.








The Shabbaton Program is one of the most impactful events in our students’ high school experience, connecting them to their Jewish roots, strengthening their Jewish identity, and creating memorable Jewish experiences. Your gift to the TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund supports shabbatonim throughout the year, providing our students with these meaningful three day journeys incorporating traditional celebrations of Shabbat in an informal and relaxed setting.








Our Schlichim (Israel emissaries) are dynamic young leaders who focus on informal and experiential educational programming exposing our students to Israel in all its beauty and complexity and to the Jewish people in all its diversity. Your support of the TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund ensures the continuity of this valuable program.








As a Jewish community school, we believe Jewish day school education is a birthright. We have a communal responsibility to raise the funds that make our school as accessible to as many children as possible. Nearly one in four students at TanenbaumCHAT receives some form of need based tuition assistance. Despite significant assistance from UJA Federation, the need for subsidies continues to grow and has outpaced their generosity. Your support of the TanenbaumCHAT Annual Fund will help us achieve our goal to have our doors open to every student.