Student Council

Student Council members work closely with our active clubs, committees, assemblies and school shows in order to help execute high-quality activities and events for the entire student body. The student leaders, guided by enthusiastic and committed faculty, ensure that the school calendar is jam-packed with a diverse collection of theme days, awareness activities and holiday programming, so that each week is loaded with opportunities for active student participation. Some of these programs include the Welcome Carnival and Twin Day.

Student Council recognizes that the four years of high school can be challenging, and even overwhelming at times. That’s why one of their mandates is “to give students a reason to come back tomorrow.”

Activities are as creative and exciting as the students who plan them, some designed to raise awareness or funds for an important cause while others may be intended to inform, educate, entertain or just to make people laugh.

Student Council meets formally at least once a week. At their weekly meetings, the Student Council, led by the President, reflect on the events of the previous weeks and plan for future activities. The main goal of these meetings is to create new ways of engaging their peers. At meetings and on-site at student events, Student Council members are given opportunities to work on skills that they may not necessarily have an opportunity to focus on in a traditional classroom setting, including time management, team-building, event planning, budget planning and creative problem solving.

At the end of the day, the bottom line goal is to help create a ruach that is unique to the TanenbaumCHAT Experience and to leave the students wanting more. Many of our Student Council members continue with student leadership initiatives or student government in their post-secondary careers. Many use the experiences and skills that they developed here at TanenbaumCHAT as a springboard for success in university and in their professional careers.

TanenbaumCHAT Student Council has the following positions:

President (grade 12)
Vice President (grade 12)
Program Director (grade 12)
Treasurer (grade 11)
Communications Director (grade 11)
Secretary (grade 10)
Grade Representatives (3 per grade)