Guidance Counselling

A fully-staffed, professional team of guidance counsellors advise students on course selection and personal educational planning; career counselling; university and college entrance and study programs in Israel. Personal counselling is also offered to students who wish to discuss academic, social or personal issues and is strictly confidential.

High school is a very exciting time for students, even if it seems overwhelming at first (they quickly adjust)! At the time of entrance, students meet their individually-assigned guidance counsellors, who introduce students to the resources available to them and ensure a smooth transition to high school. Regular student/counsellor meetings help to build solid relationships, enable counsellors to get to know their students very well throughout their years at TanenbaumCHAT and provide students with a solid support system.

At the beginning of each school year, our Guidance Department organizes an orientation day at Camp Robin Hood to welcome the new Grade 9 students. The relationship building continues throughout the year through a diverse offering of programs. Examples include:

  • Mental Health Awareness;
  • Peer Coaching and Tutoring;
  • Course Fairs;
  • QUEST (interfaith-based);
  • “Push Comes to Shove” addressing issues of abuse.
  • Check our Camp Robin Hood Orientation.

To contact the Guidance Department,
please call 416.636.5984 ext 238 (TCW) or 905.787.8772