The Scholars’ Circle

“Whose learning takes precedence, a child’s or a parent’s? The parent’s learning takes precedence.”
Talmud Tractate Kiddushin 29a

Scholar's Circle

Participate in a Jewish Learning Program to Receive a Tuition Discount of $5,000.

With thanks to generous donors, TanenbaumCHAT has an opportunity to share a Jewish learning experience with families new to the school. This learning opportunity will mirror the Jewish Studies program taught to your children. In exchange for your commitment to ongoing learning, a $5,000 credit will be applied to your child’s tuition in the following year. The participants of this program will be known as TanenbaumCHAT Scholars.

TanenbaumCHAT Scholars will participate in a Jewish Studies Curriculum of twenty-four ninety minute evening classes during the school year. These will be divided equally into three areas of study: Jewish History, Tanach (Bible) and Jewish Ethics. Each area will be taught by a member of the TanenbaumCHAT Jewish Studies faculty. In addition, two semi-annual programs or Yemei Limud will provide opportunities to continue learning together and strengthen the community. These two study sessions will include your child – one pre-Chanukah and one pre-Pesach. In order to receive the tuition credit, participants must successfully complete their studies and not miss more than two sessions.

Participation is limited. Applicants must indicate their interest in this program on the student application form and it must have been submitted by December 1st. An online application process will be announced after student acceptances for the 2017/2018 year have been delivered.

To see the 2016/17 course overview and faculty, please click here