Profile of a Graduate

We are as proud to call our 7,000 graduates TanenbaumCHAT alumni as they are to call us their alma mater.

Our graduates are successful and recognized for their work in their chosen field, for the leadership roles they take on and for their commitment to the State of Israel. Many of them return to their roots at TanenbaumCHAT as faculty, Board members, mentors, parents and donors, proving that the strong connections and friendships they formed here are truly bonds for life.

Each student who graduates from TanenbaumCHAT joins this tremendous network of alumni and equipped with the skills, knowledge and experiences to lead exceptional lives, rooted in a strong Jewish identity.

Graduates’ first-class education, which focuses on sparking their curiosity for ideas and inspiring them to enjoy an intellectual adventure, prepares them for the most rigorous post-secondary schools and an enriching career in any field.

They understand that whatever they do must be grounded in good character and ethical behavior which can be seen in their initiative to address problems around them and their leadership in causes –whether Jewish or secular.

They have a deep-rooted connection to their Jewish identity and are fluent both in Hebrew and in the practice of sacred Jewish traditions.

They are active in the Jewish community because of a powerful sense of responsibility to the State of Israel and a desire to support a strong, vibrant future for Jewish people everywhere.

Finally, they understand that achievement unaccompanied by some contribution to others lacks meaning.  They leave TanenbaumCHAT committed to having an impact on the world around them and helping others achieve their goals.

TanenbaumCHAT graduates have made an investment in their education that is making a difference to their lives and to others’. Join us and start your education now.