New Stream : An Introduction to Jewish Studies

TanenbaumCHAT welcomes all students, even if they have limited or no Jewish day school education. Our New Stream Program provides the tools to help students learn Ivrit (Modern Hebrew), Jewish culture and traditions, and to succeed in a Jewish high school.

The New Stream Program is open to students who have never attended Jewish day school, or who have been out of Jewish day school since Grade 6.

Make Friends Fast

Beginning in Grade 9, New Stream students journey through their four Jewish studies classes together. They become a very close-knit group through their four years of high school as they explore Judaism.

New Stream students have the same school day structure and extracurricular opportunities as other TanenbaumCHAT students. During General Studies classes, they are fully integrated with the other students in their grade. New Stream applies only to Jewish Studies courses. Just like all other TanenbaumCHAT students, New Stream students carry four Jewish studies subjects each year. However, except for Ivrit, New Stream classes are taught in English.

Placement Tests

Placement tests are written prior to the application due date. Please refer to the application pack for dates and times. New Stream students write three short placement tests of 30 minutes each in English, Math, and French. No advanced preparation is required, as they are based on acquired knowledge. Please note there will no longer be any Ivrit (Hebrew language) test as part of the admissions process for New Stream. This new policy has very recently come into effect and is not reflected in our print material. Our goal is to simplify your child’s admission and make their transition to grade 9 as smooth as possible.

Additional Information

Please contact Rosemary Tile,
Director of Admissions
416-636-5984 x 377

Entry is in Grade 9; Applications for higher grades are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please see the application pack for details on how to apply to the New Stream Program. The school also reserves the right to offer New Stream classes at one campus only based on demand.