Our New Stream Program

TanenbaumCHAT’s well established New Stream program welcomes students from public schools and secular independent schools or students who have been out of the Jewish day school system since the end of Grade 5. This program is recognized in our community as the opportunity that gives every Jewish child the chance to experience a TanenbaumCHAT education.

Beginning in Grade 9, New Stream students journey through their Jewish studies classes together and become a very cohesive group. Jewish studies courses are taught in English with the exception of Ivrit (Hebrew Language). During General Studies classes, New Stream students are fully integrated with other students in their grade and have the same school day structure and extracurricular opportunities as all the other students. New Stream only applies to Jewish Studies courses and just like all other TanenbaumCHAT students, they carry four Jewish studies subjects each year. New Stream gives students an opportunity to embrace their Jewish culture and traditions in a comfortable and engaging environment. New Stream is an academic level program.

New Stream students write three short placement tests in English, Math, and French. No advanced preparation is required as they are based on acquired knowledge. Please note that they are not required to write a Placement Test in Ivrit (Hebrew language) as part of the admissions process for New Stream.

Entry to New Stream is in Grade 9 and applications for Grade 10 are considered on a case-by-case basis.

“Being in New Stream gives me the opportunity to learn about my history and my present and as such makes me feel more connected to my community in a way that I never felt possible.” Corey Stein ‘16

“Throughout the last four years I am proud to say that my knowledge in Judaic studies has excelled to a level of an academic and fluent-speaking Hebrew student.” Aimee Maresky ‘15

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