Grade 10 Israel Trip

Impact Beyond Science.
A major objective of TanenbaumCHAT is to become a more Israel-engaged high school. Foremost, this means that Israel must frame the educational experience.To this end, 30 Grade 10 students travelled to Israel this winter to study Marine Biology in Eilat in conjunction with Ben Gurion University. Students had the ability to participate in field research within various areas such as oceanography, water ecology, and animal behavior.
This trip sparked students’ imagination in a way that other trips to Israel do not. Moreover, they deepened their connection to Israel in a way that typical visitors don’t. As one of the students said, “I have only heard great things about the technology and research of Israel. But I was never part of it. Now, I was able to contribute in some way to the country I love and explore it in a totally different way than touring.” Or, as another said, “I feel more connected to Israel now because I was part of something important in Israel.” Eilat and the Gulf and the marine life are now “theirs.” Our TanenbaumCHAT students are now part of the story of Israel in an unprecedented way.

The program was centered in the Toronto Jewish community’s Partnership Region of Eilat/Eilot. As such, the program afforded our students the opportunity to be involved in two mifgashim (meeting/gathering) with local students. In addition to the mifgash, our students enjoyed Shabbat in Jerusalem. Alumni spending Gap Year in Israel were invited to Shabbat celebrations to share their experiences. Also included were other TanenbaumCHAT graduates, who now live in Israel and have made careers there.

Rabbi Buckman invited all of the students and their families to attend an evening at the Wallenberg campus where the students presented the findings from their research collected on the trip. The sentiment of the evening was clear, our students now had a deeper connection to Israel than they ever had before.


Tentative Dates for the 2015/16 Marine Biology Trip:
February 7 – 18, 2016


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