TanenbaumCHAT students are immensely creative and participate in a variety of vibrant and active programs, both curricular and extra-curricular.

Both campuses have brand new music studios which include state-of-the-art features designed to help students reach a new level of commitment and performance; drama studios which have become the epicenters of creativity and artistic learning for future orators, actors and leaders; and art rooms with its couches, music, open space, brightly painted walls and welcoming “open door” policy encourages students to relax, think, work, study, create, talk, listen and, most importantly learn through visual arts.

Students can showcase their creative talents through:

  • School plays and talent shows
  • The Yearbook committee
  • Symphonic, Concert and Jazz Bands and Wind Ensemble
  • Arts Café


The development of the music program has been one of the major delights of our school. As an institution that teaches its students to value culture, TanenbaumCHAT’s music program offers students the opportunity to enrich their skills in musical expression and performance techniques. Over the last few years the music program has reached a new level of commitment and performance.

The music studios at both campuses are equipped with the latest recording and acoustic technology to maximize performance, like state-of-the-art Wenger products designed to deliver the highest levels of acoustic excellence.

Three sound isolating practice rooms equipped with VAE Technology® offer realistic acoustical simulations, creating the sensation of being enveloped by the sound and enabling our student musicians to hear themselves in nine virtual acoustical environments, duplicating a broad range of performance venues – from a large recital hall to a small auditorium.

Students use new musical instruments (percussion, horns and wind instruments) and associated support equipment (tuners, amps, etc.). An ever-growing music library containing sheet music and other sources for study and practice encompasses all genres of music including classical, jazz, folk, international and contemporary.

Students are invited to join our concert, symphonic and jazz bands.


The Drama Studios are epicenters of creativity and artistic learning for TanenbaumCHAT students, offering a structured environment in which students can develop and hone their dramatic, theatric and general communications skills.

A training ground for our future orators, actors and leaders, the Drama Studios offer students the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and strengthen their self esteem.