The Anita & Daniel Chai Engineering Academy

TanenbaumCHAT is proud to be an educational leader. We provide outstanding opportunities specifically designed to help students become some of the most desired applicants to elite university programs.

Starting in the 2016/17 academic year, TanenbaumCHAT will offer students the opportunity to apply to the Daniel & Anita Chai Engineering Academy. This four-year certificate program was developed exclusively for TanenbaumCHAT students. It builds on the opportunities currently available to all our students:

Students will develop the “habits of mind” required of engineers. Students will learn to address real-world problems, to fix what is broken, improve what works, and invent what is lacking. Through hands-on classroom discovery, authentic research projects, field trips, and exposure to guest speaker engineers in medicine, technology, energy sciences, business and industry, students will gain intrinsically valuable and
transferable skills in problem-solving, creative thinking, and critical reasoning.
A connection to the high tech world of Israel, the “Start-up Nation,” will be an
indispensible part of the program.

  • Partnership with the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering and their engineering interns to bring their unique background and expertise to our students.
  • Dedicated rooms for engineering and robotics design with specialty equipment, tools and machinery, Lego robotics, Arduino kits, stock material and various electronic components.
  • Opportunity to study Robotics intensely in Israel under the auspices of: Technion University Centre for Robotics and Digital Technology Education in Haifa, Ben Gurion University Department of Robotics, Beit Yatziv Educational Centre in Beer Sheva, and Goldwater High School in Eilat.


What is the Anita and Daniel Chai Engineering Academy?

A hands-on educational approach that trains students, through Ontario Ministry of Education-approved courses, to understand the fundamentals of engineering, robotics and design. Students are empowered to solve complex authentic problems. This includes:

  • Hands-on classroom discovery
  • Authentic (real world) research projects
  • Partnerships with Canadian companies to expose students to various uses of robotic technology today
  • Field trips
  • Guest speakers engineers working in the fields of medicine, technology, energy sciences, business and industry
  • Arduino (open source electronics platform for interactive projects)
  • Partnership with the Goldwater School’s leading robotics team in Eilat, Israel

“What excites me most is the ability for our students to develop the ‘habits of mind’ to think like engineers and gain truly transferable skills in problem-solving, creative thinking and critical reasoning.”
– Rabbi Buckman, Head of School

Who can apply and student expectations

After being accepted to TanenbaumCHAT, a student may indicate their interest in participating in this program by writing a “Statement of Intent”. A maximum of 24 students will be accepted each year per campus into this program. Acceptance into this program is at the discretion of the school.

Accepted students who do not demonstrate the necessary and required proficiency and commitment will not be able to continue in the program.

In order to receive their certificate, students must complete the four year program and be active participants in extracurricular engineering and robotics programs..

This program does not exempt students from completing their Ministry-mandated grade 10 arts course.


Sample course description: 

Exploring Computer Technology (first year course)

This exploratory course introduces students to concepts and skills in computer technology, which encompasses computer systems, networking, interfacing, and programming, as well as electronics and robotics. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will begin to explore secondary and post secondary pathways leading to careers in the field.

For more information contact Laurie Wasser


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