TanenbaumCHAT is widely acknowledged as an outstanding academic school. Students follow the High School Curriculum of the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The TanenbaumCHAT General Studies curriculum provides a range of courses, offering choices at each level.

To graduate high school, students must:

  • Earn a minimum of eighteen compulsory credits
  • Earn a further twelve elective credits
  • Pass the Grade 10 Literacy test
  • Complete 40 hours of Community Service (TanenbaumCHAT requires 72 hours)

Historically, our students have easily fulfilled the credit requirements for high school graduation and have an exceptional rate of entrance to universities across the world.

Positive feedback from universities, colleges and from our own graduates indicates that a TanenbaumCHAT education is an outstanding preparation for university and college study – both in knowledge and skills.

The bi-cultural content of our program offers an enriched education. Our academic courses provide gifted students with a high level of intellectual challenge.

Every department at TanenbaumCHAT features courses offering enriched learning environments which encourage students to gain confidence, participate fully in class, tackle problems and take risks, and freely express their ideas. Here are some highlights of our program:

Visual & Performing Arts
TanenbaumCHAT students are immensely creative and are served by vibrant & active programs – both curricular and non-curricular. Read more about our music, drama and arts programs.

Science & Math
Our students have the opportunity to grow and learn beyond the classroom by participating in research projects and many provincial, national and international competitions in math and science. Our graduates achieve spectacular distinctions in Mathematics and Sciences at universities across North America.

Judaic Studies
Judaic Studies is the core of our school values. It is an intellectually exciting pluralistic program, reinforced by a wide range of experiences both in and out of the classroom. Click here to learn more.

Literature & Humanities
The richness of our curriculum is exemplified in a cosmopolitan and intellectually wide ranging program, providing students with an appreciation of literature and a profound understanding of humanities and how they can contribute to a better society.